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Disclaimer ( the fine print )

Our Freebies ( including but not limited to: coupons, offers, specials, deals, surveys, contests,
giveaways, samples, sweepstakes and other similar offers ) can change often, sometimes daily.
Some images of freebies include prior offerings, outside offerings, expired offerings,
representative offerings and different brands of similar products or otherwise are not a current
offering from If for whatever reason various Freebies become unavailable,
you ordered them and did not receive them, their qualification requirements changed, you are
denied, or any other challenges or complications arise, is not responsible.
No guarantee is made that you will receive any of the requested Freebies as these are offered by
outside third parties. All third parties are unaffiliated with and therefore
are not subject to any direction or control of nor do they endorse or it's
services. sometimes receives compensation when you participate in
third party offers. All third party brands, products, names, logos and trademarks are the property
of their respective owners. does not send out any Freebies - We list places that do.

How often is Pumpkins Freebies updated?

Pumpkins Freebies is updated EVERY day, ALL day. SEVEN days a week.
New items are added many times throughout the entire day.

You can check the date of the last update by checking our Home Pages.
If you are not seeing today's date, you may need to 'refresh' the page.
Does Pumpkins Freebies have a mailing list?
No Mailing List
No. We do not have a mailing list and we do not collect email addresses.
Besides, Don't you get more than enough emails already?

All new offers are added directly to the site into the appropriate category.
Why doesn't Pumpkins Freebies have a lot
of advertisements like other sites?


Pumpkins Freebies is committed to bringing you quick-loading pages
and up-to-date information, on an easy-to-read and navigate website.
Uncluttered pages is our goal. Explore our site. Have fun.

Any listing on our site may be an affiliate listing or an advertisement.
Our sponsors pay us when you visit their sites and make purchases.
We also sell ad space on our site. Cheap! 'Contact Us' for more information.
What do the notes at the end of the listings mean?

Theses are to give you some extra information that you may need to know
when you request that particular offer. Examples:

( from their website ) = the offer was seen on that company's website.
( x234 ) = a telephone extension number, which may be required.
( in People ) = the name of the publication where the offer was seen.
( US/Canada only ) = some offers are restricted to certain areas.
( #asb56 ) = the item number or stock number, which may be required.
What do I do if I get a '404 Error' or 'File Not Found'?
This Page is Not There

Please report expired offers. We don't like them either.

Use any 'Contact Us' link at the top right and bottom right of every page.
Please give us the name of the item and the webpage it appears on.
We will promptly fix it or remove it. Thank you.

What do I say if asked where I heard of the offer?
Just the Facts, Ma'am

Follow the any explanation at the end of the listing.

If there is none, it's best to say that a friend, relative or neighbor told you.
You can also say that you 'saw the offer on their website' or on TV.

Most all offers either appear on TV or are listed on that company's website.
How do I request a free offer that I want?
What Do I Do?

Pumpkins Toll-Free Freebies:
Just call the Toll-Free number that is listed in front of each offer.
Simply call and ask for the free offer.
All 800 - 833 - 844 - 855 - 866 - 877 - 888 - are all Toll-Free Numbers.
Not all Toll-Free numbers will work in all areas. Some expire sooner.

Pumpkins Website Freebies:
Just click on the Link Words that are directly in front of each offer.
Simply fill in any required form or follow the given directions.

Please do not e-mail free offer requests to Pumpkins Freebies.
We do not send out any free items. We list places that do.
Is everything on this site really free? YES!
Oh Yes! It's Free
There is NO CHARGE for any item listed on Pumpkins Freebies.
If you are ever asked for any kind of payment or any S&H fee,
please let us know and we will remove the offer promptly.

We do not list any offers that require shipping and handling fees.
We do not list any offers that require a purchase.
We do not list any offers that require credit card information.
We do not list any offers that require self addressed stamped envelopes.
We do not list any offers that require you to refer people or friends.
We do not list any offers that are "possible" free offers.

Office Depot and Office Max - Shop Now
Best Buy
Costway - FREE SHIPPING on Everything.
Temu - Free Shipping

Heat & Cool
Lillian Vernon

Parts Express
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Sharper Image
Unique Products on Hammacher Schlemmer

Underground Printing (Hanesbrands Inc.) (Hanesbrands Inc.)

Banana Republic Factory
Adam & Eve - Adult Toys and Products
Underground Printing

Pumpkins Freebies contains
affiliate links, and we may be
compensated if you make a
purchase after clicking on one
of our links or advertisements.
Thank You for Shopping Here.

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