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DX.com - Disposable Face Masks
DX.com - Disposable Face Mask 50pcs - $24.57 (in stock)
DX.com - Transparent Face Shield - Free Shipping - $2.99 (in stock)
My Medic
Dr. Leonard's
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Vital Sleep Snoring Solution
CWI Medical Healthcare Supplies
Organic Skin Lightener
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BH Cosmetics - The Best Affordable Color Makeup for Eyes, Face, Nails and Lips

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Pictures on Gold Medical Alert Jewelry
Matching Donors
Matching Donors
Natural Herbal Remedies
Silk'n Face FX
Silk'n Flash & Go

Silverts.com - Clothing and Products Designed for the Elderly and Handicapped
HDIS Brands
Total Diabetes Supply

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Website Freebies - Medicines - Products



Medicines Damages

Medicines Substance Abuse

Free Medicine Products

Good Rx - Free Service - Check Drug Prices FIRST - Save at Store

Blink Health - Free Service - Check Drug Prices FIRST - Save at Store

Drugs.com - Free Prescription Drug Discount Card - Save up to 80%

Free Guide - Free "My Medicines" Guide - Keeps Track of Medications

CVS - Free Drug Collection Units to Law Enforcement Agencies

CVS - Free Narcan/Naloxone with No Prescription at CVS ( Locations )

Opioid Deaths - Free Information on Overdose Class Action Lawsuit

DisposeRx - Free Information on DisposeRx - ( How it Destroys Rxs )

NAABT - Free Printed Resources on Opioid Addiction and Treatment

P&G - Free 2nd Quarter Samples Pack and Coupons ( Apr 1 - June 30 )

Vaccines.gov - Free Factual Information on the Need of Vaccinations

CDC.gov - Free Online Help: "The Flu: What To Do If You Get Sick"

Ready.gov - Free Online Resource - Be Ready - Prepare for Disasters

Ready.gov - Free Build a Kit Game - Get Kids Involved in Preparations

Sam's Club - Free Blood Glucose Screening to Sam's Club Members

ShotBlocker - Free Bionix ShotBlocker sample - Reduces Needle Pain

MedicAlert - Free Training MedicAlert IDs to Emergency Responders

ViaMedic - FDA Approved Medications - 877-484-2472

Generic Viagra and Cialis - Low Prices - High Quality - 855-400-2051

Genetic COPD - Free Genetic COPD AlphaKit - Take it to Your Doctor

Crohns and Colitis - Free Restroom Request Card and Free Booklet

Zantac - Free Money-Saving Coupons on Zantac Products

DuoFusion - Free Money-Saving Coupons on DuoFusion Products

Dulcolax - Free Money-Saving Coupons on Dulcolax Products

Claim Form - Free "Report Psychiatric Abuse" Online - It IS a Crime

Lung Cancer - Free Lung Cancer Kits ( to Hospitals / Cancer Centers )

Wallet Card - Free "My Blood Pressure" Wallet Cards from the NIH

COPD Tip Card - Free COPD Tip Card - Signs and Symptoms

Psoriatic Arthritis - Free PsA Information and Health Organizer

National Parkinson Foundation - Free Care Kit with Black Travel Bag

National Parkinson Foundation - Free Parkinson Resources

Poison Prevention - Free Poison Prevention Materials ( Nationwide )

Poison Prevention - Free Poison Prevention Materials ( MD, DC, VA )

LE Alert - Free "LE Alertband" Wrist and Leg Band to Patients

HRSA - Free Publications by Mail from the US Dept of Health

Lupus Kit - Free Lupus Symptoms Reference Kit with Free Journal

Hep C Hope - Free Online Resource for Hepatitis C Treatment

Humira - Free Getting Started Kit with Talking Training Pen

Allersharp - Free sample of Allersharp Allergy Skin Test Needles

BD - Free sample of BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4mm 32g Pen Needles

Laser Spine Institute - Free MRI or CT Scan Review - 3 Easy Steps

Oxford Partial Knee System - Free DVD Information Pack

Asthma - Free NHLBI Asthma Wallet Card to Asthma Patients

Medical ID Kit - Free Medical ID Kit from St. David's ( TX only )

Washington Hospital - Free Heart, Vascular and Cancer Kits

EIB - Free EIB Active Kit with Inhaler Pouch and Brochure

P&G - Free Align, Metamucil and Prilosec OTC ( to Professionals )

Caralox - Free sample of Caralox Acid Reflux or PhytoTherapeutic

Xopenex - Free Inhaler Holder to Xopenex HFA Users

Remifemin - Free Remifemin Sample Kit ( to Professionals only )

GBR - Free "Generic Brand Reference" Guide from Mylan

PDR - Free "Physician's Desk Reference" Online Edition

Free Antibiotics and More

Giant Pharmacy - Free Generic Antibiotics at Giant
Harris-Teeter - Free Generic Diabetics at Pharmacy
Harris-Teeter - Free Generic Antibiotics at Pharmacy
Meijer - Free Generic Antibiotics and Pre-Natal Vitamins
Price Chopper - Free Generic Antibiotics & Refills - No Limits
Publix - Free Lisinopril, Metformin, Amlodipine, Antibiotics, More
Schnucks Pharmacy - Free Generic Antibiotics at Schnucks

Free Pharmacy Assistance Programs

Astra-Zeneca - Free Astra-Zeneca Patient Assistance Program
Lilly - Free Lilly Patient Assistance Program
Pfizer - Free Pfizer Patient Assistance Program
PPA - Free PPA Patient Assistance Program
Takeda - Free Takeda Patient Assistance Program Signup

Free Pain Relief Products

Angel's Touch Cream - Free Topical Analgesic Pain Reliever sample

Biofreeze - Free Biofreeze sample - #1 Topical Pain Reliever

Biofreeze - Free Biofreeze sample - #1 Topical Pain Reliever

Real Time Pain Relief - Free sample of Real Time Pain Relief

Cymbalta - Free Fibromyalgia Info Kit & 30-Day Trial

Synviscone - Free Knee Pain Kit from Synviscone

Flanax - Free Flanax Analgesic Pain Reliever ( English form )

Flanax - Free Flanax Analgesic Pain Reliever ( Spanish form )

Medicare Open Enrollment Offers ( Oct 15 to Dec 7 )

Medicare.gov - Free Plan Information from Medicare Official Site

Medicare Savings - Free Information on Medicare Savings Programs

Health Markets - Free Medicare Plan Information from Health Markets

Medicare - Free Info on Flu Shots - Cost Covered by Medicare

Medicare - Free Info on Pneumonia Shots - Cost Covered by Medicare

Medicare - Free Info on Shingles Shots - Cost Covered by Medicare

Medicare - Free Rules on Medicare's Wheelchair and Scooter Benefit

Aetna Medicare - Free Plan Information from Aetna Medicare

Humana Health - Free Plan Information from Humana Health

AARP / UHC Medicare - Free Plan Info from AARP / UHC Medicare

Cigna Medicare - Free Plan Information from Cigna Medicare

Kaiser-Permanente - Free Plan Information from Kaiser-Permanente

United Healthcare - Free Plan Information from United Healthcare

Website Freebies - Medicines - Products



Medicines Damages

Medicines Substance Abuse

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