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Church Source - Resources for Small Groups, Churches and Pastors
Church Source - Resources for Small Groups, Churches and Pastors
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Free Religious Products


Universal Life Church - Free Instant Ordained Ministry - Free and Legal

Universal Life Church - Free Instant Ordained Ministry - Free and Legal

The Lord's Prayer - Free "The Lord's Prayer" Encouragement Cards

America Needs Fatima - Free Complimentary "Our Lady in Tears" Photo

Family Prayer Night - Free Blessed Images, Crucifixion Poster, Booklet

Doubters Club - Free Religious Themed Swag from The Doubters Club

Prayer Request - Free "Present My Prayer Request" at the Western Wall

Holy Oil - Free Vial of St. John's Holy Oil from Holy Virgin Cathedral

Green Scapular Kit - Free Blessed Green Scapular Kit - Protect Youself

Prayer Magnet - Free Prayer Magnet from Sorrowful Hearts Society

Pope Francis - Free "Pope Francis" Prayer Card from Salesian Missions

Pathway to Victory - Free "The Ten Commandments" Brochure Card

Trappist Caskets - Free Catalog from the Monks at New Melleray Abbey

Peter Popoff - Free Miracle Spring Water, Prayer Request and Book

Spire Resources - Free "Welcome" Church Visitor Packet from Spire

Regency Cap and Gown - Free Color Fabric Swatches and Catalog

Thomas Robes and Caps - Free Color Fabric Swatches and Catalog

My Choir Robes - Free Color Fabric Swatches and Catalog

Academic Apparel - Free Color Fabric Swatches and Catalog

Heart of the Nation - Free "Prayer & Worship Guide" - Large Print

EnGage in God - Free Books, CDs and DVDs from EnGage in God

Bible Students - Free "How to Study the Bible" Bible Study Guides

Shabbat - Free Guide to Shabbat Candle Lighting & Starter Set

Christianity Freebies - Free "I'm Gonna Let Him Shine" Bracelet

Christianity Freebies - Free CD from Brother Bear - Christian Singer

Communion - Free Prefilled Communion Cup - Toll-Free for No S&H

Miraculous Medal - Free Medal of the Immaculate Conception

Fatima - Free Sacred Heart Devotional Set from America Needs Fatima

Rosary - Free Rosaries for the World from Family Rosary

Catholic City - Free Catholic CDs, Novels and Booklets ( mail-in offer )

Prayer Diary - Free Prayer Diary from CBM - Christian Blind Missions

Legacy Kit - Free Legacy Kit from CBM - Christian Blind Missions

Bible Lessons - Free Bible Reading Planner and Magazine ( UK only )

Bible Lessons - Free "Bible Lessons by Mail" for Children and Adults

Prayer Handkerchief - Free "Red Blood of Jesus" Prayer Handkerchief

Blessed Images - Free "Blessed Images" from Family Prayer Night

Blessed Rose Petal - Free Blessed Rose Petal - by Jesus and Mary

Website Freebies - Religion - Main Page

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